Spiritual Guidance for simpler living,
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with Rev. Andrea

Help from inner guidance
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The greatest journey an individual can undertake is the spiritual journey—the search for spiritual knowledge that anchors us in our deepest spiritual waters while we remain fully-sailed in all the pursuits of human life. A spiritual guide or advisor is one who helps you in this discovery process—and in the arts of spiritual practice balanced with human expressions and successes. What does this bring? An abiding peace flowing from our spirit source, an awareness of Spirit that is all, patterns of success in human goals, enrichment of life in all its aspects, cultivation of angelic qualities that are part of our human DNA: compassion, generosity, empathy, kindness, modesty, intuition, being part of the whole. And, this spirit/human bridge actually bring much more, depending on how far you want to travel, how willing you are to be your best self. My spiritual guide-advisor role is to assist you in being your best self. Life guidance is also a very important service that I offer. It is inclusive of spirit guidance and many other facets of living.

A spiritual advisor-teacher is really like a mountain guide taking you up the increasingly higher mountains of spiritual perception (and experience) while also leading you through the valleys of human plenty. Spiritual guidance spans both worlds: the invisible spiritual universe and our sensual, physical world. Heaven and earth. My spirit advisor services encompass heaven and earth, bringing you into experiencing your spiritual identity (and powers) while living a full human life.

A spiritual teacher works with you on levels most comfortable to you. This includes emotional or devotional, intellectual or metaphysical knowledge, through subtle energy (energetic) transmission, psychically through channels of the soul’s higher powers. These are all approaches open to you in the great traditions of spiritual journeys, spoken of in parable or metaphor by enlightened teachers or observant philosophers—from very ancient time to our contemporary 21st century years. I study greatly the great teachers, from Jesus and his disciples through Lao Tsu to Buddha and his disciples to Socrates and the Greek line of spiritual savants through the Western and Eastern mystics, on through to our times of spiritual knowledge through such people as James Allen, Carl Jung and Eileen Caddy.

My name is Rev. Andrea and I humbly welcome you to my spiritual guidance site: Evolving Way. And I am, literally, at your service. For it is in service, serving others as a soul-infused human that we lay the foundation stones for small and significant spiritual awakenings. This site has a gift of services offered to you in love and peace and joy.

Like you, I have been through many trials. The quest for deep spiritualized Universal God experience in our modern press of daily life and mental stress is a daily challenge. I know this and live through it. As I have lived through dark inner trials and harsh near-poverty times, and found spiritual experience in my searching and healing—I can offer assistance of a quality that may touch you profoundly.

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